With travel restrictions being eased and the United States permits entry from many European countries, staying connected while traveling is a necessity these days. So whether you're heading to sunny California or for a business trip in the Big Apple, we've compiled this list of the best eSIM offers in the USA for you from as low as 6.5$ USD!

All of the eSIM deals listed here are available to buy with just a few clicks on the Mobimatter eSIM store and are operated by the top providers in the industry. There are no contracts, no auto-renewals, no overage charges - for your complete peace of mind.

At Mobimatter, we strive to bring you the best deals for the US and all over the world, with the fastest purchase and instant delivery experience!

1. GlobaleSIM USA Special eSIM

If you're just traveling to the United States, this data plan by GlobaleSIM could be a life saver!

GlobaleSIM USA Special 10 GB

GlobaleSIM USA eSIM packages offer strong value for money and unrivalled coverage in mainland USA.  

  • They can connect to both AT&T and T-Mobile networks to ensure the best coverage over 4G LTE. If either of these networks has signal where you are, you will have internet access!
  • GlobaleSIM USA Special packages' data bandwidth ranges from 2GB, which is perfect for a couple's day trip; 10 GB which can last up to a month, and 5 GB for those who need something in between.
GlobaleSIM USA Special 5 GB
GlobaleSIM USA Special 2 GB

2. Simtex USA eSIM plans

Simtex's USA packages are suitable for either travelers wanting a longer data plan period or those who need a larger amount of data, while getting the best value for their money! With data plans ranging from 10GB to 50GB which are valid for up to a month, you can forget about tracking your data usage this trip, all while paying less than $2 per GB of data - one of the lowest rates in the industry!

With these Simtex USA data-plan, you can enjoy the full 4G LTE speeds of the AT&T network in the US,and share those big data packages with your loved ones over mobile hotspot!

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Simtex USA 15GB
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Simtex USA 50GB
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Simtex USA 10GB

Yet another GlobaleSIM offer, you should choose it if you're planning to visit another country on your United States trip. It is perfect for people who have a stopover in a Europe city on their way to the United States, or even if you're planning to visit Canada before or after your time in the US. These packages can make this happen!

GlobaleSIM offer their "Most Popular" eSIMs with up to 10GB of data and 30 days of validity. Their eSIM is working in 63(!) countries, including USA of course. So you'll probably never go offline even if you get lost!

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GlobaleSIM Most Popular 10GB
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GlobaleSIM Most Popular 5GB
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GlobaleSIM Most Popular 3GB

4. AIS Global eSIM

The AIS offer is available in 120 countries and territories around the world! If you need connection in USA only, this package is not the best choice. But this is among the best options if you plan to visit Central and Latin America destinations like Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and others, while transiting through United States and perhaps spending a few days there.

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AIS Global 6GB

This eSIM plan comes with a Thai (+66) phone number, and is provided by AIS SIM2Fly.

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